Mullica Hill Historical District Repair

In the fall of 2022, South Jersey Waterproofing was called to the historic district of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, to assess a basement for a new homeowner that just purchased a property. The brick floor of the basement was chipped and falling apart. The beautiful foundation walls, exposed rock, had many cracks and holes – allowing moisture to enter the basement. The overall structure needed strengthening and the basement an overhaul. We knew it would be a lot of work. But our expert team is familiar with combining services like these to get the job done right. 

Over the next few days, we took the following steps to help waterproof and structurally strengthen the 100-year-old Mullica Hill home:

  1. Structurally strengthened the walls and Footed a lolly column 
  2. Repaired the cracks in the foundation and then coated the walls 
  3. Put down a new floor, drain, and sump pump system 

So why and how did we do this all?

Our expert team took to structural strengthening the home, which can help reinforce the foundation and prevent future water damage. This task can usually involve a number of steps, including the installation of additional support beams (like the above-mentioned lolly column).  We also may strengthen the foundation walls with steel beams or add exterior waterproofing membranes. We like to get this work done early to ensure our workers that all upcoming waterproofing-specific endeavors are done in as safe a structure as possible. 

Next, we utilized a concrete waterproof coating to seal cracks and coat the foundation walls. This thick textured “paint” adheres to the concrete once dry and is typically spread with heavy brushes or masonry tools. This help gives it a unique look. It can’t be applied to previously painted surfaces, so it was the perfect choice for these exposed rocks.

To finish, we installed a new floor, which involves placing a concrete slab on top of the existing basement floor. This can help prevent moisture from seeping through the floor and into the basement. It also provides a level surface for installing new flooring materials, such as tiles or carpets. In this case, the homeowners opted for bare concrete, but now they can add other flooring types if desired.

We also added a new drain system to redirect water away from the home’s foundation. This included the installation of a sump pump, which collects water that seeps into the basement and pumps it out of the house. 

In Conclusion. . .

By adding a new floor, installing a new drain system, and structurally strengthening the home, South Jersey Waterproofing reduced basement waterproofing problems and created a more comfortable living space for this historic Mullica Hill, NJ home. 

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