Historic Moorestown Foundation Repair

Lowering the basement floor of your home to increase space and headroom is a great way to add value to your home. It’s also a way to carve out the ultimate man, woman, or cat cave! Who wants to see a home where they have to crawl on their knees to get through the basement? Not us!

Unfortunately, not all basement floors that we lower (like this one in Audubon, NJ) are simply because the homeowner “wants” to gain headroom. But instead, they need to address other structural issues.

Case Study: Moorestown, NJ

In the fall of 2022, South Jersey Waterproofing and our foundation repair and structural engineering experts were called to a home in Moorestown, NJ, to inspect their basement.

The 120-year-old home had a dirt floor (which is not uncommon) and crumbling foundation walls. This meant that we had a double whammy to address and fix. Our team needed to ensure that the historic home’s structure was safe and kept intact during our work, first and foremost. And that any potential waterproofing issues we faced by laying down a concrete floor were also appropriately handled.

As all homeowners with basements know: keeping water out of the space can be tricky. The problem is that most basements are below ground level and are usually built with concrete slabs as flooring surfaces. If they are older or made from dirt, they are especially susceptible to rain or snow melt leaks. These leaks end up seeping through cracks in foundations and walls. If you’ve ever had a leaky basement, then you know how frustrating this can be! Not only do these leaks make your home look messy (and smell bad), but they also cause mold growth. Growth  which can lead to health problems for anyone living there!

The Fix

We began digging about four inches of the dirt floor out to remedy the dirt floor and the crumbling foundational walls. We did this so that we could add a little headroom and ensure we had a level surface before pouring concrete. Next, we sealed the crumbling walls and poured the floor almost simultaneously. We tackled the waterproofing side by installing a brand-new drain system and sump pump. All of this work was done to ensure that the existing structure was safe and secure. Also, so that water intrusion could no longer wreak havoc in such a beautiful, historic home.

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