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French drain with sump pump in basement.

Perfect. Work was done excellently, they were always on time and they cleaned up beautifully. Kris in the office was a pleasure to work with.


We had a downspout dumping water under a corner of our bilevel for years, and the foundation slab had cracked, as well as the cinder block disintegrate in the corner. They dug down, reinforced everything with rebar, filled new concrete and filled the hole. They patched the slab and foundation wall. Neat, prompt, and just a good job all around.


First I have to save Phil Jr. did a fantastic job on my water proofing in May 2013. Considering we have had over 9 inches of rain since that time, I feel we’ve given it a pretty good test… No moisture whatsoever! Bless you, bless you..


SJ Waterproofing is the absolute best! Professional, clean, quick and fair priced.

Susan Weller

We would like to express our appreciation for the job Phil and his team at South Jersey Waterproofing did for us; specifically installing the French drains and sump pump in our basement.

We were extremely pleased with their outstanding work, professionalism, efficiency and the reasonable price for the job.

When finished, they removed all debris and cleaned the basement floor, they also cleaned up around the outside of our home and driveway. They left the place as clean as when they started. They also instructed us on the operation and maintenance of the sump pump. We were impressed with South Jersey Waterproofing professionalism throughout the entire process. Workers were friendly, hardworking, careful, efficient and courteous.

We would without hesitation refer friends and family to you. The work was performed to the highest standards. You have renewed our confidence in contractors.

Thank you once again for your honesty and performing an outstanding job.

Bill and Helen Stoudt
Laurel Springs, NJ

On the first day, the work crew arrived about 15 minutes earlier than start time. They immediately unloaded equipment and set up for the day’s work. As promised, the seven-man crew flew into action at 7:00 a.m. sharp. Everyone stayed busy and worked like a fine-tuned machine. Even the boss showed up to work and supervise his team. Music played and jack hammers pounded, while workers heaved out chunks of broken concrete all day long until quitting time.

The next day started about the same way but with a smaller crew. Drains went in and the mess went out. When finished, they thoroughly removed debris and washed down the basement floor. While other workers packed and cleaned up around the outside of our house, the guy in charge reviewed the job with us, explained the sump pump system, and expressed his thanks. Long story short: My husband and I were impressed with South Jersey’s professionalism throughout the entire process. Workers were friendly and diligent at the same time. Thanks, guys…we have already recommended you to our friends and neighbors!

Diana Muits

The work took approximately two days as promised. Mold was remediated and wood was sealed, drain was installed, as was new sump, and new door and railroad tie entry to the crawl space. After a day or so we noticed that the sump seemed to be running continuously and was not shutting off. We called SJ and they came out right away and made a small adjustment. SJ Waterproofing was very helpful and accommodating during the entire process. We subsequently had the crawl space tested by a professional air quality testing firm and they found zero mold. My only suggestion is that homeowners be given a choice of the different types of sealers available, clear or pigmented (white). I am told that both types are equally effective, but the pigmented type covers up any of residual (dead mold)–comes down to a matter of preference. We have checked the crawl space several times after heavy rainstorms and it has been completely dry each time. We have been very happy with the work performed by SJ Waterproofing.

Constance Lahoda

Dear South Jersey Waterproofing,
I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you saving my house from Certain disaster. After Superstorm Sandy, my basement was a veritable Niagara Falls. I really didn’t believe my severely leaking basement could be fixed. It had numerous Major leaks and water literally was shooting out of cinderblocks like a fountain. Your wonderful family of staff were so reassuring and caring, contacting me the day after Sandy hit. Thank you to Joe, Phil, Phil Jr., and Linda for patiently seeing me through the process even when I was so neurotic and worried about everything. I waited until the work was done and there have been some severely flooding storms before writing this. I can say with total joy that my basement is 100 per cent dry and you can’t know what peace of mind this has given me ! I used to get upset when rain was predicted, now I look forward to rain ! Everyone was so professional and hard working, so careful, so thorough and efficient. Joe, especially, went the extra mile for me. I am not famous or rich, but I was treated as well as any of the elite people in your testimonials. Thanks for returning my life to manageable, you will never know what a relief it is to have a totally dry basement ! Great work, THANKS !

Sally O.
Gloucester Twp., NJ

Thank you for the electrician reference, but my brother was able to take care of the wiring issue. Also, thank you for ordering the dehumidifier & I await your call this week regarding installation. Lastly & most importantly, my mom & I want to express how impressed we were with South Jersey Waterproofing & Structural Repair. The commitment to Professional service is constant from the initial meeting for a quote, to answering customer questions & educating us on the scope of work,& being punctual & prepared to do an outstanding job. These attributes will certainly keep your family business thriving for generations to come & we wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Audrey & Dottie

Phil, wanted to thank you and your team for our drainage system and driveway. It was a pleasure doing business and we appreciate all the hard work. Your team was professional and courteous and we’ll certainly recommend you to others!

Karen & Ernie

“Phil came out to my house within one day of making the request and diagnosed and fixed my problem within 5 minutes for $55. I had another company out the day before that diagnosed the need for…” read more?

Jennifer F.

“My basement is in great need of thorough waterproofing (management) and some structural repair. I asked my friends and neighbors if they could recommend anyone for the job. It was quite a coincidence, but both, my closest neighbor and a good friend recommend South Jersey Waterproofing.

So, on 7/10/12, I interviewed young Phil Falzarano. Before his presentation I had been through 4 previous presentations from other companies, thus becoming knowledgeable enough on the subject that I was able to compile a comprehensive list of all the things I felt should be done to accomplish a thorough job in my basement. I am happy to say that his presentation was quite impressive. He was easy to talk to, he communicatedclearly, he answered all of my questions and is going to include all of my suggestions, including a few I hadn’t thought of. Hiswas the only presentation aided by a laptop computer. Picturesand videos were used showing actual workers (family members)performing the various steps of the project. I was impressed by their company, so I signed a contract and gave Phil a refundable deposit. Two days later, I learned that I would not have access to enough money to be able to begin the project for at least 2 months. When I notified Phil of this, he promptly refunded my deposit. We agreed that when the time comes that I can afford to have the project done, I am to notify Phil and he will schedule a starting date.”

Walter H.

“We have worked with them on various projects, but many of our clients have used their services with nothing but rave reviews on the level of workmanship and competence they exhibit. I would without hesitation refer any client or contact to them for any need they might have. The work is performed to the highest standards, and their knowledge of the industry is unparallel…” read more?

Frank N. Criniti

“I have continually observed their work for approximately the past 15 years, both in the areas of waterproofing, as well as Foundation Repairs/masonry repairs/wall restoration, and find their work to always be of superior quality…” read more?

Richard B. Lukoff
Lukoff Engineering Associates

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm for the excellent job in waterproofing the two walls in our church basement. Also noteworthy, was the good clean-up after the work was through…” read more?

Raymond Davidson
Lifeway Christian Fellowship

“Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with everything. Those guys worked their butts off. The cellar and yard was also cleaned up…” read more?

Debbie Cox

“I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for how quickly your company responded to my clients need to have their drainage problem corrected immediately. I would also like to take the opportunity to compliment you on the workmanship and professionalism displayed by your company…” read more?

Joseph M. Sadone, Jr.

“I write to thank you for the excellent job you did in dealing with the water problem in my home in Moorestown, specifically in installing the French drains around the perimeter of the entire crawl space, moving one sump pump and installing another, as well as the additional services you provide, by way of installing insulation both on pipes beneath the floor throughout…” read more?

John S. Beckerman

“Thank you once again for performing excellent services at our home. Some years ago during a week of heavy winter storms with accumulating snow, ice, and melting water, we found water penetrating through the back wall of our home. In one single day, your staff installed a waterproofing system along that wall and we have never had a problem since that date…” read more?

Barry J. Wendt Esquire

“We would like to express our appreciation of the excellent job you and South Jersey Water Proofing did for us. The waterproofing of our crawl space was done exactly as promised, you finished ahead of schedule, and exactly at the estimate you provided. Our house was left very clean and all waste materials were removed. We have no hesitation in recommending you for other work, and would be happy to be a reference for you in the future.”

Nuri and Stefanie Boardman

“I wanted to send you this note to show my appreciation for the work your crew did installing a French drain system in our basement.

In getting estimates for this job, the other two companies that gave us bids had my wife and I thinking we would not find anyone that we could trust for this job. Both of the sales reps that came to our house attempted to sell us on their company with a series of exaggerations and scare tactics. The fact that you not only told us that our newly installed sump pump did not need to be replaced with one you were looking to sell, but even complimented the meticulousness of the work installing it let us know that you were not looking to pad the job to make extra money. Your description of the job was thorough, your estimate reasonable, and your company reputable.

As for the work you did, while I cannot attest to the workings of the system (as one would hope not to be able to attest to), I feel very confident that I will not see any water in my basement, and that if I ever do, you will still be around to handle the situation.

I would like to point out in particular the condition which my basement and house were left in upon completion of the job. I was warned by others who have had similar work done in their house to expect a lot of dust and dirt in the house. While I made it a point to cover everything left in the basement before you got there, I found the basement to be totally clean, as well as the path that you took to the basement. Even in my driveway, where you mixed concrete and loaded and unloaded rocks and debris was left in pristine condition. I would now have known anyone was at the house doing work if I was not there.

I was recommended to you by a friend, and as you know I have already recommended you to another friend who needs the same work done. Please feel free to share this note with any potential clients with the advice of checking up on the history of any companies they are getting estimates from. I’m glad I did.

Thank you once again for your honesty and your work.”

“Although this may be an overlooked task, we wanted to bring to your attention the outstanding service we received by you and your staff.

We are in the process of selling our home and during the home inspection the inspector pointed out how professional a job you had previously did for us as he pointed out two additional cracks that I attempted to fix on my own. The tentative owners asked for all the cracks to be certified after the inspection. We were very pleased at your quick response to our additional request and the promptness and returning to correct the job I attempted on my own. Since the first crack you did over two years ago has never had a problem, we are positive this will help us complete the sale of our house and give the new owners assurance of a water proof basemen and a professional job.

Your expert knowledge, and courteous attitude, and patience in handling our specific issues were very important to our complete customer satisfaction.”

Brian & Patricia Lovato

“I couldn’t be happier with the price, efficiency, and quality of the work completed in my house by South Jersey Waterproofing. My basement used to flood often and all of my drywall needed to be replaced due to the mold that had accumulated. South Jersey Waterproofing was able to complete the work in one day. The work is beautiful, guaranteed, and immediately following the work we had a horrendous rain storm. We did not have one leak in the basement. We couldn’t be more pleased. I would recommend this company to anyone. They get an A+++++ rating in my book.”

Eileen Mikle


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American Legion Building – Magnolia
Bernie Platt – Platt Memorial Chapel & Cherry Hill Mayor
Vineland Housing Authority
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